Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Things that bring me an unreasonable amount of pleasure

I've always liked old junk.
Not in a greasy, car mechanic kind of way. More of a musty, cedar chest kind of way.
Clothing, jewelry, scarves, shoes, hats, flatware, postcards, dishes, and on and on.
Here's a typical exchange between a man and said junk-admiring woman: "You know what, sweetie, I'd really rather have a $3 rhinestone necklace than this emerald ring." He's a darn lucky man, that one.

I'm just going to come out and say that there's absolutely no money exchange going on here for my review of the wonders of their shop; unless, of course, they want to unload that shoebox of sparkly jewelry behind the counter I eyeballed as I was paying my $7 for three necklaces. Just a thought.
These are some some neat things I saw at my pre-lunch jaunt to the current favorite antique/junk shop. I also had some wonderful photos of stacked pastel dishes and graphic tablecloths, but now cannot seem to find them. I'll just keep you waiting on that and will give you something else to sigh over for another day.

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