Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Added to the list of a musical chameleon's summer soundtrack

Pandora radio is quickly making my workday that much less productive. Is it overdramatic to say that I think it is life-changing? Yeah, I think so too. I realized just this morning that not only can I listen to my favorite workout stations on my phone (hooray for technology!) while at the gym (Stevie Wonder, Fugees, Erykah Badu, etc); but I can also yank out the cord for my xm radio dock at work and hurredly run back and forth in my heels and flared capris from my work bench and the connected iPhone to see which new artist is currently playing.
I now have a rapidly growing list propped on top of the amplifier and I'm jotting down artists that I'm loving.
Here are just a very few from my first two hours of messing around with workplace music:
Nouvelle Vague (with my love affair of most things French, how have I not heard of them until now?)
Lisa Ekdahl
Emiliana Torrini
Pink Martini
Catherine Feeny

What's on your playlist?


Karen said...

I used to love Pandora Radio, but recently stumbled upon, and now I'm addicted to that one. I'm in the Lafayette, Indiana listing on Pandora. I hadn't been there in awhile - that list has grown!

michelle said...

Interesting tip, Karen. I hadn't heard of that one. Thanks, I'll go check it out!