Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fellow design aficianados

What do you think of the new site?
Does it make you go cross-eyed? like in a bad way?
Are you glad to have some additional color on the page? but would rather it not be in a fuzzy wallpaper kind of way?
Looking for some feedback here.


Brady said...

I like it. It isn't hard on my eyes at all and the text is very legible on the green.

michelle said...

Thanks for the feedback :)

Karen said...

It's pretty, but kinda' hard to read. Any way to fade the green, make it more transparent, perhaps?

Marko said...

Nicely done but I do think that the green background doesn't contrast enough with the black text, which, for me, makes it a bit hard to read. Maybe a darker green and white text? Or as Karen suggested, a faded, lighter green with the black text. Just a thought. Otherwise, the change is nice. I like it.