Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wondering if I could cover every wall of my home with this stuff without having to explain it to my husband

Vintage wallpaper is so cool.
I remember my great grandmother having the best cabbage rose pattern in the bedrooms of her little, modest Michigan lake cottage. I loved to lie in the big queen bed with wet hair while smelling of sand and sun and looking for the repeated flowers.
Scent of mothballs not included.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Future head of mechanical engineering

So you know those clippy elastic things that keep mittens attached to coats? Seems my child has an aversion to stuff she cannot toss to the ground. I purchased a pink pair of them last night and victoriously ratcheted them to her winter coat before we left the house this morning; all the while thinking, "There is no way in hell she will be able to open these. No way." Then in the car on the way to daycare I hear her precisely rip each one off from her purple-sleeved jacket and throw them slowly and deliberately to the floor.
I. Can. Not. Win.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just browsing, thank you

I often type search words into Flickr and look at the pretty pictures from random accounts. I then say things to myself like, "Oooh, wow," and, "Oh, my goodness," which my daughter now repeats several times a day. It's a weird pastime that I enjoy when I'm waiting for a phone call, trying to ignore someone or, in today's instance, just had one too many caffeinated beverages.

This is a gorgeous lamp post that I'd like to find and stand under if I ever make it to Florence, Italy.

from Flickr account Curious Expeditions


A little late in posting this, but Halloween was wonderful. A few highlights:
glowsticks as bracelets, Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (one of my absolute favorites), Hershey's bars, lions and their adorable tails, jack o' lanterns the old fashioned way, cooking pumpkin seeds while sipping hot, spiced cider, carriage rides through downtown with family, fall candles.
That sums it up nicely. Okay, now I'm ready for Spring.