Friday, February 20, 2009


I know, I know, you're wondering if the dog mentioned in the post below has taken all of my extra time and instead I'm out walking the heck out of a fuzzy 4-year-old canine instead of creating witty posts (with totally random photos!) to help you through your mundane work day. Well, the short answer is no, but thank you for the emails. We did not get the dog. Turns out that someone else had fallen head over heels for her as well (or was just quicker at convincing her husband that the dog was about to be given a one-way trip to the doghouse in the sky any day now, when actually our humane society no longer euthanizes, but I forgot to mention that when we were in negotiations over the adoption. I am so not a nice person) and had taken her home on the day I finally talked Chris into adopting her.
Probably for the best, but I'm now officially banned from returning for any reason. We'll see about that.
So this photo. This is what I call my daughter's New York look. She was trying to smear oatmeal on the lens of my digital SLR because apparently her putting Hello Kitty stickers on my arms and drawing on all of my fingers wasn't near enough of a reminder to me that I live with an unpredictable 2-year-old tornado; I also needed an expensive piece of camera gear riddled with apple cinnamon breakfast cereal. I feel the love.

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