Friday, January 16, 2009

I Just Cannot Help Myself

So you know me? Then you already know that I have no willpower over animals. If my dog, Natasha, wanted to sleep on my pillow at night and drool in my hair, I'd most likely let her. It's just good karma, I believe.

Now that our household is down to one dog (yes, we once had 3 large dogs pooping in our 1.5 acre yard and eating 30 pounds of premium dog food each week), we have decided to adopt a 4-year-old mix from our local shelter. In my opinion, the best dogs are the ones who have never had a good home and are in the most desperate of needs. This particular dog that we're planning to adopt has been at the shelter for nearly 2 months, and not a day goes by that I haven't thought of her.

We have plenty of love and snuggling to spare and I surely won't be able to sleep tonight as I'll be up thinking of all the great things I can show her about life in a dog lover's home.
UPDATE: I called the humane society and they told me that someone else had put a hold on this particular dog. I will have to wait until Sunday to find out if they adopt her or not. I'm beside myself. Dang. This stinks.

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