Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wanted to buy: heavenly king-sized hotel bed

I'm newly home from our two day mini vacation (can you still smell the chlorine in my hair? Yep, that's right) to sunny Indianapolis, Indiana. We braved the unpredictable weather for the Indianapolis Jazz Fest yesterday; Medeski, Martin and Wood with John Scofield, mainly. The event in general was a colossal disappointment (see forthcoming dialogue for just one tiny example). However, today was spent happily at the Indianapolis Zoo and the butterfly exhibit in the adjoining White River Gardens. To say that traveling with a child under the age of 2 is challenging, is like saying that my red chiffon, thrift shop, senior prom dress that optimistically hangs in the back of my closet next to size 4 sundresses is only a little bit on the snug side.
'Look at the cute sippy cup I got Rosemary! It's got zoo animals on it and a flip top with a straw. You know how she loves that kind of thing.'
'That's kind of neat.'
'Yeah, lots of joy for just six bucks.'
'Six bucks?! That could have almost bought a beer at the Jazz Fest last night.'
'But instead I blew it on a vacation souvenir for our daughter. How awful of me.'

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Marko said...

Travelling with two-year-olds...I feel your pain. We just got back from a vacation last week as well. Thanks to a 5-hour delay I had the pleasure of trying to endlessly wrangle a restless child who wanted to run around all over the Colorado Spirings airport while my pregnant wife stood in line for over an hour trying to get a confirmation for the connecting flight. Whew! I'm not even going to go into how insane the actual plane ride was. Thankfully, Dexter's Lab was showing on the little seat-mounted TV screens (that cost me 5 bucks to activate) so that kept her occupied for a little while. Somehow in the end it was all worth it, but I had to distance myself from the experience a bit in order to see it :)