Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Looking out for my own best interest

We visited the Children's Museum of Indianapolis yesterday with my friend Jenny and her son (who was born the day after my daughter, weird) and had a fabulous time (thanks so much for driving! with a/c!). That place is just so darned wonderful and I got loads of photos. One spot in particular is their large carousel on the top floor. My initial plan was to take some great shots of the horse's faces to frame and mat for Rosemary's room (easy art, that's what I like); however, when I downloaded them off of my camera, they were just a wee bit, oh, I don't know, creepier than I was expecting. Not really sure what I was thinking as I still cannot identify my own source of intense clown phobia. So I decided that maybe macro images of fiberglass horses above my child's bed probably isn't the way to go as it would undoubtedly resurface in a future therapy session when she's an adolescent and I certainly don't want to be living with that sort of guilt.


Haley said...

LOL! You are absolutely right, those faces ARE a bit creepy--the wild, bulging eyes and the open screaming mouths with teeth bared. There are some nice pictures, however, if you get a little farther away and don't focus on the faces up close. If you're interested, contact me and I will try to e-mail you one. (I work there!)

michelle said...

Thanks for the offer! They turned out great but were a little on the bizarre side :) Maybe I'll use them for an art show around Halloween!a