Thursday, March 20, 2008

Must be time for a drink

A wonderful friend of mine gave me a bottle of champagne to celebrate the completion of a large glass project; which had been resting quietly at my desk awaiting the, as of yet, still unfinished business of final payment for aforementioned project. I started to feel a little sorry for the lonely bottle of bubbly who was, no doubt, wondering, 'Hey, is THIS my destiny to be pushed further and further back against the spines of design books and outdated home interior magazines week after week until I'm completely forgotten and ultimately poured down the drain into the city sewer after an undetermined new year's eve soiree after all of the other booze is consumed and I'm looking pretty good to a party guest who'd already consumed 3 gin and tonics, 4 draft beers and a shot of Cuervo?'

Well, since I had a pivotal business meeting with a local, very large and well-known non-profit agency at 3:00, it seemed the perfect time to open the bottle 30 minutes before said meeting and sip from crystal glasses with a couple of close friends.

A lovely day, really.
Until I got home and slammed my husband's head with the back of my Jeep's gate while loading the dog for a birthday hike in the park which sent him tumbling into the mulch holding his head in agony.
Totally unrelated to the midday drink fest. Honest.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a pint of chocolate birthday ice cream to consume.

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