Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five things I'm all about on this eve of my 36th birthday

1. Gratitude. In general, just trying to be more gracious for the wonderful things I have under my wing (family, amazing daughter, comfortable home, really fast laptop, 'Thank you, Jesus.' See post below).
2. Harping on this horrid winter weather and glad to have this season behind me. Hello sunshine, already. We had one afternoon of 50 degree weather last week and I picked up all of the winter's dog poo (I know, it's horrible and I'm an awful person for waiting so long to clean it up; get over it) and I raked out the front beds and obsessively inspected the budding tulips and daffodils and attempted to reassure them that it WILL eventually get warm enough to bust out of the earth in all of their spring glory.
3. Creative outlets. I have many and they are hugely enriching. One example is my mom's group that is surprisingly successful and important to many local parents. I'm honored to be the organizer (see point number one above).
4. My daughter using words as they are intended. She woke me up at 5 am this morning by standing in her crib and saying, 'Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama.' Not cute at all. Holy cow.
5. Joy. I like this word. It's fitting of it's meaning and reminds me that it is indeed attainable on an even daily basis.

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Karen said...

If failing to pick up a winter's worth of dog poo in the backyard is a horrible thing, I'm in huge trouble.
Happy Birthday - hope you have a great year.