Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rosemary's word index

Thus far (and, no, that's not one of them. That's also more of a phrase and less of a 'word', actually).

Tata (an abbreviated version of the dog's name; it's a stretch, but I'll give her this one)
Bye bye

and a myriad of animal sounds; because, well, she's my child and I think it's hysterical when I ask her what a sheep says and she responds with a staccato, 'BAH.'

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
I just read your blog in the J&C this morning and wanted to say "hi"! I met you years ago through Darcy Engles (like back in the 90s). I think you lived down the street from the library and we lived on N 8th. I remember clothes shopping at the Goodwill and my husband swears we had you two over for dinner. Anyway, I've been in your shop during gallery walks but you were surrounded by people so I've never had the chance to say hello. I also have a little one (16 month old Holyn) and would love to chat if you ever have time! My email is bridget@purdue.edu.
Bridget Walsh (nee Crowley)