Friday, January 04, 2008

Camera lesson

I received this amazing Canon camera as a Christmas gift and I still can't get the manual settings to make sense in my head.
Oh, and I got it last Christmas.

I even took a 3 week class; which, while I was in the class, I thought I had it all figured out and could take the cute little shots of the teacups all lined up and make that cool fuzzy look with the background. However, when I got home I think my brain emptied somewhere around a curve at Ninth Street as I would try out the same things in my living room and all I got were fuzzy, overexposed pictures. I think the main problem is that I want to photograph a child who doesn't know how to stay still for more than zero seconds.
On the bright side, about every sixth photo of a flower or dead, unmoving tree looks great.


Chris Foresman said...

You know, you have a friend that's a photography teacher.

Karen said...

Greetings. I came here via the J&C. Your stories and photographs are fun, and I love your writing style. Great... just what I need, another blog to follow. (laugh)

Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm glad I'm not the only one who invested in a "good" camera, only to find out it won't take perfect photographs for me. How can a camera have image stabilization, auto focus, dual image capture (that thing where it fires twice - once with the flash and once without), and I STILL don't get the shot I desire, some of the time? Maybe you have spend $1000 or more to get that.

Ah well... it's still nice being able to shoot, preview, and delete without costing a penny in processing.

michelle said...

Thank you for the comment, Karen! I couldn't agree more. What gives. Sheesh.