Monday, August 13, 2007

This morning I dressed her in pink

This weekend was fairly monumental.

First of all, I watched three movies; which we haven't done in nearly a year; as being repeatedly interrupted during a great film ranks right up there with an intense sunburn. On the bottom of my feet.
All of this movie watching was possible because we've only recently discovered the joy of setting up the baby pen in front of the television, or as it's more affectionately known in my house: the Den of Abandonment. It allows us to spend more than 2.35 minutes watching a program while ensuring that our child is not behind the bedroom door choking on the rubber doorstop.
In our overwhelming giddiness, we may have not made the most appropriate movie selections as new parents; but I thought we exhibited a fair amount of restraint, considering the last film I think I watched was Pirates of the Caribbean. Or maybe even Rocky 4.
Instead, we rented 300, The Last Samaurai and Apocolypto. With our child. In front of the tv screen. A virtual bloodbath. All of them.
I hope that what I've read is true about babies not having much rememberance of the first year; as I'd really like to swing by the video store tonight and pick up the Saw series.

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