Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Change of pace

I camp with this wonderful bunch every year for a weekend at the Feast of the Hunter's Moon. We sing songs, play music, cook amazing campfire meals and catch up with everyone. I've been going to this event since the early 90s and I'm so happy that we're going to now start taking a yearly group photo like this. Can you spot me, Chris and Rosemary?

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Karen said...

What an amazing picture! Do you guys wear the same outfits year to year, or prefer to come up with new ones?

Y'know, tying this post into the one before it, wouldn't it be nice if, throughout one's life people could be shown photographs of themselves 10, 20 years out? Something that says, "You know, life may suck ass right now, but look... look at how cool it's going to be years from now!" I know there's that thing called faith, but faith, with PHOTOGRAPHS. That's what I'm talkin' about.