Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumpkin party!

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lechman said...

Ok, I think I did something wrong because this blog doesn't seem to have any text or information in it. Very cute picture though. BTW, don't know if you remember Tim Walton or not, but I saw him this week at jury duty (yeah, jury duty, ugh) and he's got two daughters of his own now. I believe Elise is six and Olivia was just born a year ago or so. Chris definitely remembers Tim back from when we used to all hang out at the Union Street slum together, so definitely let him know.

If you guys are bored this weekend (cause you guys have tons of free time, right?) KBSS is playing the big MDA benefit show at (drum roll) Jerilee's on Saturday at 6pm. It'll be a lot like Glitchfest, I imagine. There's a beer garden and a bike show. The whole thing is from noon until 10pm. Should be cool and there's still time to go drinking afterwards!