Friday, July 20, 2007

I watched it. So what.

The Victoria-Beckham-Coming-to-America thing on tv last night, that is. I don't know if it's going to be a weekly show or not based on the spanking it took in the early show reviews.

Having not knowing really anything about her, besides being British and the ridiculousness of the Spice Girls, I was kind of charmed by the show. Not charmed in the way that I would be if, oh, I don't know, SIMON LE BON of DURAN DURAN walked up to me during one of my walks with the dog and baby to offer me a chilled Evian right out of his backpack and to say that he's been thinking of me ever since that letter I wrote to him in 1985 where I said that I was his biggest fan and that we should get together and have lunch sometime in London when he gets a break from his hectic tour schedule; but charmed, nonetheless.

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Marko said...

Simon Le Bon? Really? You really are an 80s child aren't you? Well I used to have a thing for Wendy from Prince's band and she had huge hair and wore way too much make-up - just like Simon! :) Damn she was sexy playing that guitar tho!