Sunday, December 10, 2006

Startin' a Mama's Group. Are You In?

So due to the disappointing number of hip mama's groups (mainly, monthly get-togethers and sanity support for new and experienced mamas), I've decided to do a bit of my own organizing.

If you're a mama and would like to participate, post a comment with your thoughts (and/or send an email) and we'll get things rolling in the new year.

I'll get things started and say that I'd like to meet the first Wednesday or Thursday of every month from 6:30-7:30 or so at a location yet to be determined (something informal, a rentable meeting room or a kid-friendly, inexpensive restaurant, etc); we can discuss the direction of the group at that time. When spring arrives, we can meet up for outdoor events (walks, parks, hiking, you get the idea).

Let's do it.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
That sounds like fun! I would be up for either day and I would suggest that once you get a head count, we might be able to reserve a spot in a kid friendly that is NOT Chucky Cheese...not ready for that yet!

Jenny said...

Count me in too... either day is fine with me as well. I agree that Chucky Cheese is not an acceptable meeting arena!
Jenny (and Monty) Back

Angie said...

This sounds like fun! Although, I must ask -- do I have to bring along a little one? LOL By that time in the evening, my husband will usually watch all the kids if I go anywhere. Although as desired, I can have a tagalong (or multiple ones, for that matter).

Wednesdays aren't so great for me until after May, but I could pop in for a bit until that point when it is freed up. Thursdays could work for me, as I can change around my schedule on that day a bit.

I'll look forward to hearing more details -- thanks for the invite.

Angie Kauffman

Anonymous said...

We're in! Sounds great. The summer/spring ideas sound wonderful!
-Rebecca and Juliana

Anonymous said...

Hi -

I found your blog through and have three moms interested in starting a playgroup for our kiddos. I thought maybe we could merge and find some common time that we all can meet? Have you had success with your playgroup?

Email me when you have a chance please, if you're interested.