Monday, April 03, 2006

Mother Nature is a Schizophrenic.

Her taunting and teasing continues with unrelenting winds, cold rain, and the tornado that was reported in Indianapolis over the weekend (among other events, I'm just thinking locally).

My own personal pathetic story is that I planted red and purple pansies in the concrete pots outside our front door on Saturday and they were literally swimming in their $8 per bag potting soil by early this morning. Not to mention last night's pop-up thunderstorm that tried to dampen our chicken kebob plans (we persevered, umbrella in hand and defiantly turned our noses up at the pounding rain that pummelled our outdoor grill).

Now I love spring and most of it's quirky unpredictability, but when I stroll into work this morning to find my metal outdoor sign snapped in two because of the weekend wind, I gotta start bitchin'.

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