Saturday, November 12, 2005

Open house review and the like.

Interesting happenings during the studio-gallery open house:

Impromptu 'running man' in the gallery by one of the artists. Art moves people in mysterious ways. Go for it, man.

Ashing cigs on the floor (okay, this was probably me and it was about 2 am. I can't be held responsible for my drunk ass after about 1 o'clock).

Overheard, "You know you could build a triangular display of painted light switch covers and put the black and white ones in the middle and the colored ones in the four corners." Philosophical? Perhaps.
Too much free wine? Most definitely.

Overheard, "Where's the bathroom?"
"Next door at the Knickerbocker."
This is sad and also a true story. I was ready for a break from the hurried pace of the renovations (if you saw the place 4 weeks ago, you wouldn't be cry-assing over this). We're putting in a bathroom in the next month or so; and if I want to go next door to piss and bring back a Coors light at 4:30 in the afternoon, that's my pergorative, Bobby Brown.

Someone, "Wanna go to Harry's?" (this is a local campus bar).
Someone else (maybe me), "I wouldn't go to Harry's if you gave me $50 and all I had was a hamper of dirty underwear."
Okay, admittedly, this now sounds a little weird.

Art fanatics and local dignitaries elbow to elbow in the overheated gallery ferociously debating the post-modern movement while digging at their scalps for emphasis.
This may be a tiny exaggeration, settle yourself down.

Everyone wanting to know the color of that darn purple wall.
I will never tell, trade secret. And by 'never tell' I mean maybe it's Harvest Corn and that you could possibly get it from Menard's.
Satin. Dutch Boy. Dura Clean. God, I'm too easy.

It was a fabulous evening.

Sincere thanks to the artists, friends and shoppers who stopped in and showed your support for the cause. Stroll in for your holiday goods for those family members who demand the best and have no problem telling you this at the dining room table during Thanksgiving with aunts and uncles that you've not seen since 1996. 'Keep the family harmonious', that's my motto. Also, 'Buy custom stained glass and art for the holidays', that's another. I'll stop now.
Thanks everyone.

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